14 July 2024




Our history and tradition:

  Cortec is a company located in São João da Madeira.
Founded in 1985 by two managing partners, Manuel Luís Ribeiro and Paulo Anacleto Alves.
Is dedicated to the manufacture of cutting knives, for various types of industries, including the footwear industry, the automobile industry, leather goods and textile industry.
With almost 30 years of experience and with one of the biggest structures at national level in the field of cutting knives, place it in a privileged position through to the trust and credibility of its customers.
Cortec is aware of the demands of an increasingly competitive market and it focuses especially on the quality of its products.
Cortec is a modern, dynamic and updated company always on the front line with the new challenges.


 Creating the future: innovative and quality-conscious.

Adding more value every day Together with our employees shape the future Keep a superior performance in all aspects of our business.
Together with our suppliers work challenging solutions, develop new ideas and processes.
The society and the environment are important elements of our Philosophy and actions.


 Cortec is equipped with the most advanced technology, which allows to satisfy the most demanding needs from customers.

Relevant aspects:

• Total Quality is guaranteed

• Competitive prices

• Reduced delivery time

• Pro-activity / Responsiveness

• Customer follow-up.

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